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"We Go-Ffer-it" barcode, rfid, scanners, printing, IT Stuff and UPS

Finding Solutions for Printing, Data Entry, IT Infrastructure, Labels... then supporting it.



Need help with Printers? 

Lasers,  Color or B/W, Multi-function for Scan, print, email-fax. Thermal  printers for shipping labels, product brand labels, SKU or UPC. How  about line matrix printing for multi part forms in the warehouse or data  center. We can help plan a solution for any of these applications. 

Printing Supplies

 Let's keep your printers running with High  Quality supplies. What good is you investment in printers if the print  quality is poor. Matching the proper toner, ribbon and Labels 

to the paper used  is the bigger part of getting good printout..Our technicians will keep  your printers working great. We service what we sell. 

Work Stations And Scanners

 Setting up a work station for your users?  Moving away from PC's. We suggested using Thin Client work stations and  monitors that meet the demands of the work space environment.  Workstations for either stationary or Mobile workers . We can help  add on demand printing or printing remotely..