Goffer's was started March 1990 by Doug  Hancey as a outlet for used computer printers, disk and tape drives.  Many ask why we are named Goffer's. One of our oldest customers, would  ask use to Go Find a Solution to his problem. He said "go for it". The  name stuck and we embraced our company focus of Going For IT.  

In  1994, we shifted our focus to computer printing technologies and IT  Infrastructure products. Our approach is listening to customers’ needs  and frustrations, then we go-ffer-it to find solutions both simple and  complex. Goffer's is not just a reseller; we consult,  research, then  create composite solutions which may include  hardware, software and  print media. The result resolves frustrating IT problems which have  often required duplicate parts and pieces that won't integrate  effectively.

We provide Computer Printing of all types:  Laser,  Color, Line Matrix, Barcode, RFID and more. In the IT Infrasructure  area, we provide Thin Client terminals, mainframe cabinets, cold rooms,  UPS, cabling and  what every you need us to Go-ffer-IT.

Starting  in 1996 we added Auto Identification and Data Collection, which includes  scanning barcodes, ( 1D & 2D) RFID and collecting that data for  process transactions in  Warehouse and Retail applications.  

In  2010 we added Label solutions for shipping, retail brand, product,  SKU/UPC both blank and pre-printed.  We've been around for over 25 years  and we support a loyal customer base across the US. We would like to  work with you. Our main objective is making you a happy, life-long  customer, with products that work great and last a long time.